Les Miserables Season 1 Episode 6

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Description for Couchtuner Les Miserables S1E6: The revolutionaries and the army prepare for the next assault. Jean Valjean arrives at the barricade to find Marius, conflicted over his feelings about the man who promises to take Cosette from him. Valjean’s heroic efforts to keep the soldiers back are applauded by his new comrades. The battle at the barricade reaches a tragic and bloody end. Valjean escapes through the sewers with the badly wounded Marius over his shoulder. Javert does not give up the hunt. Valjean’s selfless actions shatter Javert’s world view, sending him into a personal turmoil from which he never recovers. Believing he is doing the best for his adoptive daughter, Jean Valjean makes a heartbreaking decision, but underestimates the depth of the love of those closest to him.

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